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Nirav conective tissue therapy
Promoting freedom of movement

Level Two 
Nirav Connective Tissue Massage Therapy 
This training will take place in France at 

Nirav CTM Therapy
(Conective Tissue Massage Therapy) 
Massage and More!
All levels at the same time, so it will be good for all students!
A full week with a overflow of knowledge and training!
Enjoying the beauty of the  French Pyrenees

In level one we will be exploring diferent techniques that will help you become a efecient bodyworker. (See Level one training) 
At level two we will be looking deeper into:
Sensorial training  ( Training the feel with precision )
Anatomy under my hands, living tissue 
Visceral massage techniques ( liver, stomach  cardia, pleura, sigmoid, caecum ) 
Working with techniques, using your hole body at the massage table 
Working with the sacro - iliac joint and the psoas muscle
Early bird exercises class to wake up
Joyfully " connecting " with the horses
Real holiday time 
Walks around the region 



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Movie on 12-22-13 at 6.59 PM
Description of the work i do with fascia, the tissue that conects every strocture in the body



Level one 
Myo-fascial Balancing
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Level one 
Myo-fascial Balancing

Learning massage in ten classes : Spread throughout four wednsdays and three Sunday's

Long ago I decided to work with the Integration of touch, sensorial perception (feeling ) and the emotional aspect of humanity  
In four evenings and three sundays  I will teach you the basics of this innovative and
particularly effective technique .
This could be the beginning of a beautiful career switch .
Learning massage also helps you to be able to touch, a forgotten language used daily .
Contents of the course:
Every time there wil be an area of the body presented.
We look at the anatomical aspect , both theoretically (anatomy and physiology ) and practically ( palpation , testing ) .
we learn to make connections between bone , muscle and organ tissue .
We also learn to listen and feel in a sophisticated way of what is observable both in our bodies , as well as in the body of the client 
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Rebalancing massage course lesson 1 The back
Rebalancing massage lessom about the back

Structure of the course: 
Lesson 1 - Introduction and back massage - Anatomy and palpation of the back massage techniques. Psychology of rugegraat - What it stands for and emotional connections to back 

Lesson 2 - Physiology - (circulation spine and central nervous system), connection to the shoulders and pelvis, tests relating to any complaints on the back. 

Lesson 3-Legs - Anatomy, palpation, massage techniques, gronding exercises. Physiology, psychology, physiology, connection to the feet and pelvis, testing. 
Lesson 4 Sunday morning - contact. connection 
Lesson 5 Sunday afternoon Pelvis - Anatomy and palpation, massage techniques, Pelvis - physiology, psychology, energy and emotional charge of the pelvis. Testing of the jaws. 

Lesson 6 Sunday morning feeling relaxed and letting go neck and shoulders - Anatomy and palpation, massage techniques, 
Lesson 7 Sunday afternoon Neck and shoulders - Physiology, psychology, energy and emotional charge of the pelvis. Testing of the neck and shoulders 

Lesson 8 Sunday morning - Tuning exercises, chest and abdominal cavity - Anatomy and palpation, massage techniques 

Lesson 9 Sunday afternoon, chest and abdominal cavity - physiology, psychology, energy and emotional charge of the pelvis. Testing of the neck and shoulders 
Lesson 10 -  Questions and answers, full body massage session and exchange feedback. 

Ten  classes of three hours. 
On Wednesdays from 18:00 to 21:00 
3 Sundays from 10:30 to 17:30 ( two classes each sunday)
1 return Wednesday 

Students comments on the course:
" I have followed this course in September and October 2013 at Praktijk Nirav in Diemen. In the begining of 2014, a new serie of 10 lessons will start! Dare it. it is a present for your self for only 260 Eur! I am so grateful . I can not stop. I feel I can help somebody with my hands when I am deeply in contact with my body. it is for me the key of grounding! Thanks"

Connective Tissue  Therapy and Myo-fascial Balancing

Connective tissue is called in latin " fascia". Fascia connects everything in our bodies. Organs, muscles, joints, nerves, hart and veins. It helps the exchange of all kind of information, plays a role on the imune system and protection of our organs.
In this methode we work on the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, organs, nerves,                                                               Circulatory system. 

  • Pain releaving
  • Rebuild the vitality of the body and mind
  • Helps recovering from stress
  • Strengthens self-apreciation
  • Helps by functional problems as migraine and PMS
  • Constipation and other digestive problems
  • Tiredness
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Breathing problems
  • Helps sport achievement
  • Guidance by stress, depression, fear and concentration problems

Paramedical natural health therapist
BATC member
Sessions are payed by many health insurance companies!

Rebalancing massage
All experiences leave their marks on the body, manifesting on the posture, breathing patterns and body tension.
Being grounded in the body and helps you being 
open and free in reality.
Rebalancing methods:
  • Body analysis
  • Finding the place of holding
  • Deep tissue bodywork
  • Softening strained and tensed tissue
  • Joint release


therapy massage
Paulo's background
Paulo is born in Portugal, Living in the Netherlands since 1984 and already 20 years working as a bodyworker .
Paulo is trained in Shiatsu massage, Rebalancing massage. Unitive body oriented psycotherapy and Fasciatherapy.
Paulo is now studing Osteopathy at the Sutherland Colege for Osteopathy in Amsterdam.
Do you like to know more about the work, or make an apointment, please call:
Paulo Guimaraes 0645492525 / 0206420896 Ringkade 6  Diemen
The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. A more intimate relationship does not exist. Stil we are the first ones to abandon ourselves in search of atention and recognition on te outside world. Therefore we are oriented more to the outside world, then to the inside world in us. By enquering upon the relationship you have with your body. learning it's language and ways of expresing what is going on inside, you wil learn a lot about the relationships you build on the outside world. It is possible to get a beter grip on your life by means of touch, massage and movement.

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