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Informatief DVD over massage technieken

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Finally our effort to create a pedagogical study DVD on the techniques used to heal many on Nirav Fascia therapie , my practice has, after one year come to an ending. The DVD will soon be out on sale. 
Filmed in Trilla, France, Holland and England, It is the level one of a whole training on my life's work. 
It shows all the techniques I am teaching on the course level 1 , in the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria, and France.

Meaningful Bodywork

A book on the subject is written and now being edited by our great friend writer and author Eleanor Goold-Hiscox
Release date soon to follow. 
Further in the horizon is a second book in the making, with interviews of clients who have gone through the process, describing their unique and individual experiences.

Boek over mijn stijl van massage

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